White Speckled Palo Santo Burner w/ Palo Santo Stick

Regular price $40.00

This Palo Santo Holder was handmade on the potter's wheel. It is made from a stoneware clay and then half glazed on the inside and out with a white glossy glaze. The other half is the left the bare natural clay, which is a gorgeous brownish-reddish speckled color.

It includes 1 Palo Santo stick, and you can add additional sticks if you would like. Message me and I can add them to the order ($2 per additional stick).

Approximate dimensions:

4.25 inches across (stick holder is 1.5 inches across)
1 inch tall (outer ring) and 1 inch tall (inner ring)

The glaze used is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.