Iridescent Mother-of-Pearl Chawan Bowl

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This chawan/matcha bowl was handmade on the potter's wheel. It is glazed in a glossy clear glaze and glaze fired. Then I apply mother of pearl overglaze and fire it for a third time for this pretty iridescent effect. I love it!! :) 

Approximate dimensions:

4.25 inches across
2.25 inches tall

mother of pearl FAQ + care

a translucent overglaze with a beautiful iridescence shine

 ware decorated with overglazes should not be used in microwave ovens.

 this overglaze can be used on surfaces that come into contact with food and drink.

care must be taken to avoid hard scrubbing when washing overglazed ware, because of the possibility of scraping off the thin layer of luster.

treat your overglazed pieces as you would fine china. although overglazed ware will take repeated washings in a dishwasher, the overglaze will eventually wear away.