Miffy Porcelain Mug (12 oz)

Regular price $85.00

This is a new design and I am loving it! A mug hand thrown using a very prissy, but very beautiful ivory-white porcelain clay. The inside is glazed with a glossy white glaze and the outside is left unglazed except for a stripe over the handle. I've painted miffy bunnies all around in black outline and in a variety of colors. There is a tiny light blue miffy on the bottom. 

NOTE: the price reflects how long it took me to paint this tumbler (about an hour) + the time to throw, trim, and glaze the piece. 

Measurements approx:

3 inches across (width)
4.25 inches high (height)
12 - 13 oz liquid capacity

The glaze used is food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.