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Cherry Bowl: Speckled Shrimp Edition

Regular price $110.00

This listing is for a cherry bowl --that is essentially two bowls thrown separately and attached. You can use this for cherries and pits, olives and pits, chips and dip...  

The inside of both bowls is glazed with a glossy white glaze. The outside is the natural speckled clay and shrimps are painted around it. NOTE: the small bowl is a bit mishapen, and more like an oval. Thus is the charm and imperfections of handmade pottery. 

Approximate dimensions:

6.5 inches across (big bowl)

3.25 inches across (small bowl)

3 inches tall (the lower bowl)

3.75 inches tall (from top to bottom) 

A note about shipping: I know it seems pricey, but ceramic items are heavy (this bowl clocks in at around 19 oz + packaging materials to keep it safe in transit and it's at least 2.5 lbs. when it's all said and done. Thanks for your understanding!