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6" Black Soots Speckled Plate

Regular price $45.00

This is a listing for one plate with a black soots and multi-colored stars hand painted on it. It was by hand thrown on the potter's wheel with a speckled brownish-reddish clay. The clay is a mix of a bunch of clays, called a "reclaim mix" so it is variegated and has streaks of different colors of clay throughout, giving it a fun, unique look.

It is glazed on the inside and on the back. NOTE: the clear glaze has some tiny little bubbles (it is 100% food safe, but you can see them a bit over the soots). 

Approximate dimensions: 

6.75 inches across
0.5 inches tall 

The glaze used is food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.

A note about shipping costs:
Shipping costs are based on weight and ceramics are heavy! This plate weighs in at 15 oz. With shipping boxes + packaging materials, it will end up being at least 2 lbs. If it's any more than that, I'll cover the difference. Thanks for your understanding!