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5" Porcelain Heart Bowl

Regular price $75.00

A heart-shaped bowl hand thrown using a porcelain clay. The inside is glazed with either a glossy white glaze or a clear glossy glaze and the outside is left unglazed. Three available, and each is slightly different. 

This porcelain line is my "top shelf" line and pricier because the clay itself is double the price of my others and it's also extremely finicky to work with. It dries slowly for weeks (or will crack during the firing process). It's also durable and will stand up to dishwashing! 

Measurements approx:

5 inches across (width)
2.75 inches high (height)

The glaze used is food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. 

A note about shipping: I know it seems pricey, but ceramic items are heavy (this tumbler clocks in at around 12 oz + packaging materials to keep it safe in transit and it's at least 1.5 lb. when it's all said and done. Thanks for your understanding!