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5" Pink Porcelain Berry Bowl w/ built-in plate

Regular price $60.00

This pink crackle colander or berry bowl is hand thrown on the potter's wheel. The bowl is glazed in a glossy pink crackle glaze. Please look closely at all the photos as it's a new glaze! I'm not sure I'm crazy about it so I'm discounting it by $10-20 from the price of the other berry bowls. There is a built-in plate so that once you rinse, you can wipe the bottom and eat directly out of it or put it on your table and it won't drip! 

This size is about a single serving or a personal berry bowl. 

Approximate dimensions: 

5 inches across bowl part 
6.25 inches across the plate part 
3.5 inches tall 

The glaze used is food safe, microwave safe, and while it is technically dishwasher safe, any handmade ceramic piece will live longer if you handwash it. That being said, I put all of mine in the dishwasher, so it's up to you!

A note about shipping: I know it is pricey, but ceramic items are heavy + packaging materials to keep it safe in transit. If Shopify accidentally over-calculates shipping and there's a difference when I go to ship, I will refund it to you. Thanks for your understanding!