Grit Workshop Rules & Refund Policy

Thank you for your interest in our intro wheel-throwing workshop! Grit Seattle is a ceramics studio that offers open studio time, shared equipment, glazing and firing services to experienced hobby and professional ceramicists. Our goal is to provide an inviting, inspiring, and inclusive space for artists of all races, genders, and orientations to create, learn, and grow together, while cultivating a supportive arts community that is both environmentally and socially responsible.

This workshop was designed to teach you how to make a tumbler on the potter’s wheel. We will show you how to set up your workspace, prepare the clay for wheel-throwing, center the clay on the wheel, form a tumbler, and clean up your workspace. You will be asked to choose a glaze from our studio selection. When your tumbler is dry and ready to be fired, we will glaze and fire your tumbler and you will be notified when you can pick up your finished piece.  

What to bring: 

  • a mask that you will wear at all times while in the studio
  • a towel that can get dirty
  • a beverage of your choosing (optional)
  • a smock or clothing that can get dirty
  • closed toe shoes

What not to bring: 

  • rings/bracelets/watches
  • children or other guests 

Before your workshop, please read the studio rules and refund policy. If you are unable to follow the rules, you will be asked to leave and you will not be refunded for the workshop. You will be asked to sign a waiver upon arrival at the workshop. 


  • Adhere to the following Covid-19-related policies:
    • Wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times while in the studio. 
    • Wash your hands upon arrival before touching anything in the studio. Wash your hands frequently.
    • Before the workshop, inform us if you or if someone you have been in close contact with in the past week has tested positive for Covid-19. We will refund your workshop. 
    • After the workshop, inform us if you or if someone you have been in close contact within the past week has tested positive for Covid-19. 
    • Stay home if you are feeling sick (even if you test negative for Covid-19). 
    • No food allowed. 
    • If you consume a drink, you must wear your mask between sips. 
  • Wear only closed toe shoes. 
  • Only operate the pottery wheel under direct supervision of the instructor. Wheels can cause injury if used incorrectly. Do not operate the wheel without the instructor first showing you how to use the wheel safely. 
  • Do not touch any other equipment in the studio.
  • Stay away from the kiln.

Cleaning and Conduct

  • Clean all tools, equipment, and surfaces that you use as you go. 
  • Clean all surfaces you work on with a clean wet sponge. 
  • Return all tools to the same location and state as you find them.
  • Be respectful of other students, their work, staff, and our shared space. 
  • Do not touch work that is not yours.
  • Agree to our safe disposal of clay and glaze, sink, and reclaim policies

Completed Work Pick-Up

  • You will be notified when your piece is ready for pick-up and pick-up hours (approximately 3-4 weeks after your workshop) 
  • If you haven't heard from us within one month of the completion of your workshop, please get in touch ASAP.
  • Due to space restrictions, unclaimed pieces will be discarded 14 days after the notification email is sent. 
  • We are committed to giving you a fun, introductory experience. Although our intention is that you will make something you love, it doesn’t always work out and you may not end up with a piece that you can take home. Ceramics is a complex art and even the most experienced potters will have pieces that don’t turn out. Factors such as thick walls/cracking, kiln mishaps, misplaced/mislabeled pieces, breakage and glaze issues prevent us from being able to guarantee that your piece will make it through the process successfully. 

Refund Policy

  • A refund will be issued if you cancel your booking within 48 hours of payment or at least 14 days prior to the workshop. To cancel your booking, you must email to notify us. 
  • An exception is if someone you have been in close contact with in the past week has tested positive for Covid-19. Please do not come; contact us and we will refund your workshop.

  • Unforeseen Circumstances

    • Occasionally, inclement weather conditions or a power outage may force us to close the studio and/or cancel workshops. 
    • In these circumstances, we will notify students via email as soon as possible.. 
    • We will do our best to reschedule the cancelled workshops, but this is not always possible and we cannot make any guarantees regarding rescheduled or replacement classes. If we cannot reschedule you, we will refund your payment. 

    Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns about this information.